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Aug 23, 2012 - Natural Health    No Comments

Liver & Gallstone Flush

Note: I no longer support the liver flush.  After over a year of doing them, I had no relief.  I no longer believe that what exits your body when doing the flush are gallstones, but the result of your body digesting the large amount of oil consumed (also referred to as soap stones).  It wasn’t until I found additional information on ‘dissolving’ stones that I had relief.  I will post additional information on that in the future, but will leave this post as documentation of what I went through.

February 25, 2012, I had my first gallbladder attack.  However, at the time, I didn’t realize what it was.  I had spent the day at my friends children’s birthday party.  I don’t remember exactly everything I ate that day, but I do know I had lots of birthday cake.

In 1990, I started to see chiropractors for lower back pain and sciatica from a defect in the Pars Interarticularis of the L4, L5 that was due to a sled riding accident from when I was a child.  And I’ve been dealing with fairly severe back pain and spinal dis-alignment problems ever since.

So, when I had this episode of excruciating pain in February 2012 in my lower right side and right back quadrant, I attributed it to my back pain.  However, this pain would be the absolute worst I’ve ever dealt with.  The pain was so intense that I was sweating, screaming, crying and vomiting.  The pain also devoured a 10mg. Ambien!

Around the beginning of July, I was talking to a friend about her mother who was diagnosed with kidney stones.  After I got off the phone with her, I researched one of my favorite books, Prescription for Nutritional Healing.  Everything I read about kidney stone symptoms pointed to what had been happening to me.

So I called a friends dad who is a doctor.  I told him the symptoms and he agreed it sounded like kidney stones.  So he scheduled me for an appointment to see him at his office.  He did a urinalysis test to see if I had any abnormalities or infection.  It came back clear.  So then he scheduled me for an ultrasound of the kidneys a week later.  The ultrasound showed some spots that needed further examination by CT Scan.  So the following week I was scheduled for a CT Scan.

In the meantime, I had already started investigating a natural cure for kidney stones, of which I found many including lemon juice.  However, the CT Scan came back negative for kidney stones and positive for gallstones. I had to start searching again.

No problem.  It was very easy to find.

I discovered a book by Andreas Moritz, The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush.  I immediately downloaded the Nook version from Barnes & Noble, as I did not want to order online and wait for shipping & delivery.  According to’s inventory feature for my local stores, there were no books available.  However, I found one book at my local store so you may want to call your local store.

I have the Nook app on my Samsung Galaxy SII phone, my ASUS Tablet, my netbook and my PC, so I virtually have access to it anywhere.  As soon as I opened the book in the app, I realized this book is not just instructions on how to do the liver flush, but a whole education on how the liver keeps us alive and why we should treat it with TLC.

I was very anxious to get started on the flush, so I skipped directly to chapter 4 – The Liver & Gallbladder Flush (I read the rest of the book during the first week of preparation).  In a nutshell, the theory of how it works is this:  for a week prior to the actual flush, you drink malic acid daily to begin to soften the stones and to widen the bile ducts of the liver, as this is where the stones are formed and the majority of them are located.  You also limit your diet during this week.  Sometime before the flush, preferably the day before or the day of the liver flush, you have a colon flush by a colon hydrotherapist.  This is to clean your colon out so that when the stones pass, they do so with ease.  On the day of the flush, you eat lightly until 1:30pm.  You do not eat anything else until the next day.

In the evening of the day of the liver flush, you drink two glasses at timed intervals of magnesium sulfate.  This not only helps you to empty your colon, but also dilates the bile ducts so that when you do the flush, the stones will pass through them without incident or pain.

At bedtime, you then drink a mixture of olive oil and citric acid and immediately go to bed.  What this does is trigger the liver to release bile.  And because of the content and amount of what you drank, it forces the liver to release a whole lot of bile.

Since you’ve spent the week softening the stones and widening the bile ducts, and you drank the magnesium sulfate to dilate the ducts, not only does bile flow amply, but the stones near the common hepatic duct flow with it into the small intestines, which then goes into the (clean) colon for elimination.  Also, the bile is very oily and acts as a lubricant as the stones pass through the widened, dialated bile ducts. All of which is attributed to NO PAIN while passing the stones.

Additional theory states that drinking the malic acid during the week also helps to loosen stagnated bile.  And during the actual flush, additional stagnated bile will be eliminated.  What is good about this is that stagnated bile is full of toxins.  And the stones themselves harbor toxins.  So not only are you flushing gallstones, you are also detoxifying your liver.

Further theory indicates that if your liver is stagnated by stones and old bile, that the rest of your body is in a stagnant condition including your lymph and circulatory system, since they rely on the liver.  This further indicates that many illnesses can be eliminated by cleaning your liver of stones and old bile as the other systems in your body begin to flow normally and do what they were intended to do; keep your body healthy and clean.

PLEASE NOTE:  This is just a simple overview of the theory of how this works.  THESE ARE NOT DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS.  Please buy the book and read it completely to understand the importance of a clean and healthy liver and complete instructions on how to do the flush.

ANOTHER IMPORTANT NOTE:  During my online research, I’ve seen many videos of people doing these flushes.  Specifically I watched two people drinking the magnesium sulfate, but instead of drinking the dosage outlined in the book, they were drinking 4 times the dosage at each drinking interval!  They were complaining of how miserable they were from drinking it.  I followed the proper dosing in the book and experienced no misery whatsoever.  My point:  BUY THE BOOK AND READ IT.

On the 7th day of the flush, I passed many brown stones, including the green ‘soap stones’ from the olive oil, with absolutely no pain or discomfort whatsoever.  I followed the instructions in the book exactly.

I will be posting a log of my experience very soon.

Next week I will be beginning my second round of the liver flush.

Brown gallstones I passed in 8 hours on the 7th day

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