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Feb 12, 2012 - Meditations    No Comments

Removing Negativity – One Day at a Time

“You can’t go around with negative thoughts and expect positive things to happen…”*

“Do you have a wrong thought keeping you from your destiny..”*

“Take an inventory of your thoughts…”*

“I Am who God says I Am…”*

If you take the time to think about the 4 quotes above, you have to realize that you really can’t expect to have a positive outlook and positive results in life if you always let negative thoughts and actions inhabit your mind and actions.  There is a direct correlation to what we think and what we do.  After all, the things we do, besides our innate processes, start as a thought.  And that initial thought usually leads to many, many more thought processes before or as we perform an action.

If those thoughts are positive and gratifying, the process of doing it is positive and gratifying, regardless of the end result.  On the other hand, if we are befuddled with negative thoughts and emotions while performing a task, not only is it not gratifying, the end result will reflect that.  And from personal experience, I usually don’t learn, remember or grasp the entirety of what was intended when I let negativity play a role in my actions.  While if I enter a situation without any negative influences, I usually have a clear, gratifying experience.  And I’ll usually basque in the glory of it afterwards as I review the process to the end result.

As human beings given a finite amount of time in ‘physical life’, we don’t always know what we are destined to do or become.  We are given choices in almost every action we perform.  Which choice we make is affected by our positive or negative outlook, or thoughts that inhabit our mind.  Based on the many choices we have to make every single day, I prefer to believe that ‘destiny’ and ‘choice’ are synonymous.  If I’m allowing negativity to affect my choices, what is to be of my destiny?

Every morning we wake up to begin the process of living our daily lives.  We begin the process of making ourselves presentable external to ourselves.  Nourishing our bodies to give us energy.  Going out into a world full of intricacies to navigate – full of positive and negative energies.  With all of the thoughts that we process on a daily basis, I don’t think it is possible to keep ‘negative’ from entering our personal realms.  Especially so if we do not allow ourselves to be mindful of our moments.

By that I mean if we go through the actions of living day after day after day without taking the time to process what each day has brought to us, then we cannot expect to grow in our consciousness, or any tangible way where we feel satisfaction in what we are doing or accomplishing.  Even the negative energies experienced throughout our day teach us something about how, why, and/or the importance of keeping ‘positive’ in our consciousness.  However, if we are not mindful of it, then we lose the lesson that brings us closer to our ‘destiny’.

That is not to say that we won’t be brought to our destiny.  However, we run the risk of not recognizing our destiny without the realizations revealed to our consciousness through mindful practices.

Daily Reflection

At the end of every day,

recap all the events you have experienced.

Take a few moments and catalog the highlights of your day.

The people you came in contact with.

The things that made you smile.

As you’re allowing those thoughts to swirl around your head,

take notice of how they make you feel.

Basque in the wonderful feelings that made them the highlights of your day.

Take note of this experience.

Thank God for giving you the people and experiences that brightened your day.

Now take the time to think about the not so pleasant experiences that also consumed your day.

Think of each one individually.

Think of why the experience was not pleasant.

Try and get to the core of why you did not like it by concentrating on how it makes you feel.

Why does it make you feel that way?

What can you do to make that feeling go away

not only right now, but if you experience it in the future?

Really take the time to work though it.

Take note of this experience.

Thank God for the lesson learned from this negative experience.

Learn from it.

Release it.

Move on.

It may be helpful to formalize the above daily reflection into meditation for those who are inclined to do so.


Close your eyes. (not now, of course)

Slowly inhale and exhale through your nose several times until you feel still.  As if the center line inside your body has magnetically shifted and aligned from top to bottom.

Upon every inhalation,  in your minds eye think to yourself, “I Am who God says I Am”.  Exhale slowly.

Center yourself by visualizing a swirling vortex of bright, pure white light coming down from above… surrounding you, enveloping you… swirling all around and down until it enters the ground around you.

“I Am who God says I Am”.

As it continues to swirl from above to below, imagine all your negative thoughts and feelings of the day being stripped from you and taken down into the ground.  Release all of your pain, physical and mental, into the light as it strips away these energy leeching processes, allowing you to become one with the light.

“I Am who God says I Am”.

Continue to feel the light swirling down around you, stripping away layer after layer of all the negativity that has been cast upon you today.  By others and yourself.  Feel the negative energy others have cast upon you.  Understand that only you can allow yourself to take on this negative energy.  No one can force you to believe these negative feelings.  You, and only you, can allow it.  You, and only you, can release it.

“I Am who God says I Am”.

Take a deep breath in as you allow your mind to to bring up these negative thoughts, words and feelings.  Hold the breath momentarily as you allow them to swirl around in your mind.  Upon slowly releasing the breath, feel the negative thoughts, words and feelings releasing through every pore of your body.  Feel your extremities letting go as the breath leaves you.  As you let go of these negative thoughts, words and feelings, say aloud, “So be it”.  Visualize all the negativity being stripped from you by the swirling vortex of light and carrying all the negativity into the earth.  Grounding you.  As you’re processing all this negativity and releasing it, your intention should be, “to transmute all this negative energy into Love and Light, only for my higher good”.

“I Am who God says I Am”.

Feel the energy from this Light and your breath relaxing your whole body.  Breathe as much as you need to finalize the release of these negative emotions.

“I Am who God says I Am”.

Continue this process with as many negative situations as you can think of during this session.

When you are ready to end this session, close with the following:

Feel your heart energy being stirred as you breathe and feel the cycle of energy enveloping you from top to bottom.

As you repeat the following words aloud, visualize them wrapping around your body as rays of Light protecting you.

“Today I will not allow any negative energy to consume me.  I radiate Light and positive energy.  God, please help me to reflect any negative words or situation into a postive one and transmute all the negative energy into Love and Light only for the higher good of the situation or person and the universe”.

“Today, I will only share in Love and Light”.

“I Am who God says I Am”.

“So be it”.


*Inspired by Joel Osteen, #528 – Hit the Delete Button, 021212


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